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This site is dedicated to those living here in the Beautiful Inland Pacific Northwest.   Within this site, you'll find a variety of information from Local Forecast Products to Time-Tested, Reliable Weather Links.  We have also included Learning Tools for Kids and Adults alike, and address Public Awareness on the importance of Storm Safety, which features tips for surviving Severe Weather Conditions.  


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   Exclusive Inland Northwest Summary Issued: Saturday * February 22, 2020 @ 5:40 AM

   (By Climatologist Bob Lutz)


Short-Term Forecast 
Weakening high pressure has already allowed one minor disturbance to move through the far northern counties this morning, and a stronger system is on the way for tonight and Sunday.  This disturbance will bring with it a mixed bag of rain and wet snow, along with some gusty winds.  Any late night and early morning snow accumulations in the northern valleys should generally be below 2", with mostly rain or non-accumulating wet snow expected by day.  Lingering showers of rain or wet snow may then persist into early Monday.     
Long-Term Forecast
The unsettled weather early will give way to another ridge of high pressure building to our west as the week progresses.  This ridge now looks to be somewhat dirty, meaning that weak systems will be brushing the northern periphery in the northwesterly flow.  This will give us some clouds at times, and perhaps a light shower of rain or snow, but no major precipitation is expected under this pattern.  Temperatures should remain slightly below normal early, but then warm to above normal levels toward the end of the work week.           
Short-Term Model Agreement for the Inland Northwest is:  GOOD
Long-Term  Model Agreement for the Inland Northwest is:  GOOD
(POOR= Forecast Changes are Likely * GOOD= Fair Agreement, but Changes are Possible * EXCELLENT= Changes Unlikely)






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