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This site is dedicated to those living here in the Beautiful Inland Pacific Northwest.   Within this site, you'll find a variety of information from Local Forecast Products to Time-Tested, Reliable Weather Links.  We have also included Learning Tools for Kids and Adults alike, and address Public Awareness on the importance of Storm Safety, which features tips for surviving Severe Weather Conditions.  


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Exclusive Inland Northwest Summary Issued: Sunday * May 31, 2020 @ 6:15 AM 

   (By Climatologist Bob Lutz)


Short-Term Forecast 
Following last nights bout of strong thunderstorms, a vigorous storm and frontal complex continues to produce bands of heavy rain and imbedded thunder this morning.  This scenario has, and will continue to produce some minor localized flooding before the entire system gradually shifts east by later this morning.  In its wake, there may be a few lingering showers and isolated scattered thunderstorms, but as a whole, it looks much drier for the latter half of the day.  It will also be windy at times today, and temperatures will be considerably cooler as well.  Much drier, seasonal weather is then forecast for the first few days of June, but it will continue to be breezy at times as minor systems skirt around the Inland Northwest.      

Long-Term Forecast
Seasonal weather will continue past midweek with only a slight chance of a shower, mainly over the mountains through early Friday.  By late Friday and Saturday, models continue to hint at some even cooler weather as yet another cold storm settles over the Northwest out of the Gulf of Alaska.  This will also be accompanied by an increasing chance of more widespread showers going through next weekend.            

Short-Term Weather Model Agreement for the Inland Northwest is: 
Long-Term  Weather Model Agreement for the Inland Northwest is:  GOOD
(POOR= Forecast Changes are Likely * GOOD= Fair Agreement, but Changes are Possible * EXCELLENT= Changes Unlikely)






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