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  TX & Construction

               Major Inland Northwest Construction Projects 
                                                     Valid Beginning the Week of: August 3, 2020






North Side & North Region


*    NEW * HIGH IMPACT - Paving work starts this week on Wall btwn Garland and Wellesley... EXPECT DELAYS! (CY)

*    Several paving and chip seal projects will continue this week for the Mead, and Green Bluff areas.  Watch for flaggers and delays during periods of active work (SC)

*    UPDATE - HIGH IMPACT - Major construction and signal modification work continues on portions of Hamilton btwn Mission & Desmet.  This work has, and will continue to result in periodic closures on both Mission and Desmet, both east and west of Hamilton... EXPECT DELAYS!! (CY 10/15) 

*    UPDATE - The water and sewer main project on Rowan is moving west toward Freya.  Work is now most active btwn Myrtle and Julia with the roadway closed to through traffic  (CY)

*    A major paving project continues to result in lane restrictions and closures on Wellesley btwn Pittsburg and  Haven (CY)

*    Forker remains closed btwn Progress and Bigelow Gulch as phase 5 improvements continue.  The closure is expected to continue through early September (SC 9/10)

*    A long term closure remains in place on Wellesley btwn Market and Freya as crews work to build a new interchange for the NSC freeway project (ST 12/2022)


West Plains & West Region



*    Infrastructure improvement work continues on portions of Geiger Blvd and Hayford in the vicinity of the new Amazon facility.  Paving, road widening, curbing work, signage, and new signals are just some of the projects being completed (SC)

*    Work continues on the new SR 902 bridge project. ** BE PREPARED FOR PERIODIC, SHORT-NOTICE OVERNIGHT CLOSURES ON I-90.  ** As a reminder, the speed limit on I-90 near the work zone remains reduced to 60 MPH   (ST) 


Downtown Spokane & Surrounding Surface Streets  


*    Work continues on the new EB I-90 RAMP METERS at Walnut/Maple, Monroe, Division, and Hamilton.  Work is also underway on a new WB I-90 RAMP METER at Browne.  Watch for occasional lane restrictions in these areas (10/1 ST)

*    A CSO project will keep Lincoln closed btwn Spokane Falls Blvd and Main through much of the summer (CY 9/1)

*    The long-term closure on the Post St Bridge continues.  All vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic is detoured around the bridge for the next two years (CY 6/2022)


South Hill & South Region  


*    NEW - Watch for delays on the Palouse Hwy this week btwn Freya and Hwy 27 due to chip seal work (SC)   


Valley and City of Spokane Valley  


*    NEW - Road widening, utility, and paving work starts this week on Barker north of I-90 to Euclid.  Watch for intermittent closures and detours over the next several weeks as work progresses (SV-10/31)

*    Round-a-bout construction continues at the Barker/I-90 interchange.  Expect several intermittent ramp closures, with most of the active work being performed during the overnight hours.  Even so, periodic closures by day can't be ruled out (ST 9/15)

*    HIGH IMPACT - Paving will continue much of this week on I-90 btwn Argonne and Sprague.  Work will be most active nights, 7p-6a, Sunday-Thursday.  SOME RAMP CLOSURES ARE ALSO POSSIBLE AT TIMES BOTH DAY AND NIGHT   (ST 9/25)

*    HIGH IMPACT - A long term closure on the Trent Ave bridge remains in effect.  This project is expected to last for at least three years.  Detours are in place (ST4/2023)  


North Idaho  


*    NEW - Expect significant roadwork on US 95 north of CDA btwn Kathleen and Miles Ave, with temporary signals in some areas (ITD 8/28)

*    HIGH IMPACT - Repair work continues on the Blue Creek bridge project.  Watch for I-90 to be reduced to one lane in each direction along with reduced speed limits through the construction zone (ITD 10/31) 

*    HIGH IMPACT - Work also continues on the I-90 bridges over Pennsylvania Ave near Sherman.  Watch for continued lane restrictions and reduced speed limits through the work zone  (ITD 10/31)

*    Road widening work continues on portions of Hwy 41 btwn Spirit Lake and Blanchard.  Watch for reduced speeds, lane restrictions, and flaggers in the work zones.  Further south, a major highway improvement project is also underway btwn Rathdrum and I-90, but much of the work during this phase of the project will be off the main roadway.  (ITD)

*   Long term traffic revisions will remain in place on Hwy 53 near US 95 as crews construct a new bridge overpass (ITD 9/2021)   



(Key: ST=State Project * SC=Spkn County * CY=City of Spkn * SV= City of Spkn Valley * ITD= ID Dept of Trans)