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This site is dedicated to those living here in the Beautiful Inland Pacific Northwest.   Within this site, you'll find a variety of information from Local Forecast Products to Time-Tested, Reliable Weather Links.  We have also included Learning Tools for Kids and Adults alike, and address Public Awareness on the importance of Storm Safety, which features tips for surviving Severe Weather Conditions.  


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          Exclusive Inland Northwest Summary Issued: Monday * October 18, 2021 @ 5:00 AM               

   (By Climatologist Bob Lutz)





Short-Term Forecast 
The weak system expected for last night dove well south of our forecast area.  As such, the pattern will remain unchanged with more sunshine along with periods of high cloud cover continuing through tomorrow.  Unseasonably mild temperatures will also continue.  Another weak system will bring more cloud cover and the chance of showers again on Wednesday.                     

Long-Term Forecast
The pattern continues to show signs of change as we move through midweek and beyond.  General high pressure which has blocked much of the major storm activity over the past few weeks will give way to a more active pattern.  After a dry day early Thursday, expect to see an increase the the chances of precipitation heading toward Friday and the weekend as stronger storms begin to make their way further inland.                          
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Short-Term Weather Model Agreement for the Inland Northwest is: 
Long-Term  Weather Model Agreement for the Inland Northwest is:  GOOD
(POOR= Forecast Changes are Likely * GOOD= Fair Agreement, but Changes are Possible * EXCELLENT= Changes Unlikely)






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